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I never wholly understood the story behind this. My assumption is Christine published the song and it was therefore able to be picked up by someone. Given that FM weren't popular on the radio, they were willing to take what they could get...whatever $ came from the use of the song and, hopefully, whatever airplay.

The interesting thing for me is that this cover of "SYLM" is good--but it lacks the inimitable quality of Christine's voice. So much of the success of this song--and all her songs--depends on how SHE sings them.

I'm not surprised that "Spare Me" was covered so many times: its melody and chords are a little more ornate than most Christine songs and require the vocalist a bit more range, thereby appealing to a wider range of singers. (Ironically, I don't think Christine sang it very well until 1973-74.) But with a song like "SYLM," you either possess that special voice to carry it off or you don't.
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