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Originally Posted by TrueFaith77 View Post
Stop whatever you are doing and go see STRAIGHT UP now!

This wonderful and surprising movie finally answers Morrissey’s plaint:

“The woman of my dreams, She, She never came along
The woman of my dreams, Well, There never was one”

Katie Findlay is the actress to beat in 2020.

Actor-Writer-Director James Sweeney makes a remarkable debut.

It’s the best American gay movie since BEAUTIFUL SOMETHING.

It’s playing limited release so hope others can see it streaming soon ... but not too soon.

ETA: Even better the second time!

There is a joke that ranks with the funniest lines of dialogue I’ve ever heard, but then by the time i/the audience was done laughing at the joke—I was crying.

Will there be a better American movie this year?
watched this last night.
It was okay. A bit too talkey-talkey-talkey for my liking though (Just shaduuuuup!). Also, just rather too contrived. I understand this is needed for the entire premise of the film, but it meant I didn't really care that much about the characters.

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