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Default 2020 Movie Reviews

1. Underwater, grade C+ = is deep sea disaster, monster movie. For a January movie this horror sci-fi movie is decent. Usually the movie industry dumps its total duds in the month of January but this movie has plenty going for it, most notable is the lightning speed pacing. Right off the bat the crew of the deep sea station is in trouble and thatís it. The movie is a race for survival for 99% of the movie. The acting is good. The special effects are decent and the monsters are surprising in ways. The problem with the movie is there is no character development and basically no plot but survival. Also, the movie is really dark and sometimes itís hard to tell what is going on.

If you like movies like Alien, Pandorum, The Relic, Leviathon, or Deep Star Six, you will probably like this movie. Itís not as good as some of those but itís decent, especially for a January movie.
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