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Originally Posted by TrueFaith77 View Post
Stevie stole the FM name that would have been rightfully attached to that album — THEN we would see who sold better than whom.

And this is why SHE should have bowed out if it was only about money — but instead it was about vengeance. Watch out for that Avenging Conscience, Stevie!!! “Like a heartbeat drives you mad”
Funny how her own lyrics turned against her. "Like a heartbeat drives you mad" and "the sound of my voice will haunt you". Yeah, Stevie, Lindsey is still crying for you...

She's such a pitiful and lonely person.
"I think what you would say is that there were factions within the band that had lost their perspective. What that did was to harm the 43-year legacy that we had worked so hard to build, and that legacy was really about rising above difficulties in order to fulfill one's higher truth and one's higher destiny."
Lindsey Buckingham, May 11, 2018.
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