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Originally Posted by BigAl84 View Post
Everyone and their mother knows darn well that even if Lindsey were in the band at that point, preparing for the 2018 tour - Stevie and the rest of the band would never of supported removing 3+ of the "hits" for pre-75 material.
Not according to the interview that Mick gave Rolling Stone. It was pretty clear that he and Stevie decided in Italy in 2017 that they were going to be playing obscure, deep tracks. They didn’t specify pre-1975, 88-95, but, given the 24KG setlist and Mick’s 67-74 coffee table book, it wasn’t especially hard to understand what he meant. And, that’s exactly what happened, at least initially.

If I had to take a bet, the only reason we got Oh Well in 2009 was because it was one of Lindsey's picks for the set, not because Stevie or Mick suggested breaking up the setlist with pre-75 material.
Really? You couldn’t imagine Mick suggesting a Peter Green song? Especially one that was played on all but one tour since it was released until 1995?

I also wouldnt be suprised if another factor in the sudden pre-75 love fest had to do with saving Stevie's voice for the hideous Tom Petty tribute at the end of the show.
And I wouldn’t be surprised if the pre-75 love had something to do with the career spanning compilation that was about to be released...

Where's all the criticism of Christine not playing her earlier Fleetwood Mac material while in the band between 1979-1988?.....probably somebody elses fault, right?
She certainly played a couple of early songs on her 1984 solo tour, and it could be argued that when they played “Stop Messin’ Round” with Rick Vito, she was playing her earliest Fleetwood Mac performance, back from the time when she was still Christine Perfect.

However, comparing 1979-90 to 2018 is pretty disingenuous. Fleetwood Mac was a current, active band touring in support of multi-platinum albums. They’ve largely been an oldies band since 1994.
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