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Originally Posted by elle View Post
the thing is, you usually know exactly where everyone stands, who in the band is each person's favorite - whether it is the band as a whole, Christine, Lindsey or Stevie. the only person who abruptly changed their tune around the time when Lindsey firing became public is Steve, and that's i think why so many people were at first so surprised and tried to rationally argue his points.
I had a view that changed based on a number of facts. Stevie headlined 20K seat arenas while Lindsey and Christine combined not selling 3/4 of 4000 seat amphitheaters was the eye opener. Factor in Lindsey’s “close your eyes and take the money” comment, Mick’s “Stevie and I want to play obscure songs” interview, and The Eagles successfully going on without Glen (which Fleetwood Mac had already done without Lindsey), it wasn’t hard to see what was going to happen.

his arguments used to be interesting and leveled.

now most of Steve's arguments became the same as what any regular chiffonhead would argue,
Except, I’ve always argued against the ones overstating the importance of any one member, be it Peter, Stevie, or Lindsey. But the Messiah Buckingham sect make it seem like the band couldn’t function without him. My posts show why that’s a massive overstatement.

except he is still trying to back up his speculations as fully legit with his old reputation of having some cred from [previously?] working in/adjacent to the industry
Huh? I was a roadie/studio assistant for a legendary indie rock band from 2010-16. I’ve been a die-hard Fleetwood Mac fan since 1987 and part of the Fleetwood Mac online community since October, 1995. I ran a Dave Mason website, a Fleetwood Mac website, and archived a Lindsey website, which I think was the first Fleetwood Mac related site on the web.

That said, it was seeing Lindsey in 2006 that made me take a break from Fleetwood Mac. When I got to my car, I asked if Robert Pollard was playing anywhere and vowed I’d only go see Fleetwood Mac again if Christine came back. The prerecords and psychobabble finally broke me.

and first and foremost being FM's rhythm section fan.
It’s always been about the core three for me.
On and on it will always be, the rhythm, rhyme, and harmony.

THE Stephen Hopkins
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