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I Do is the classic Christine McVie bubble gum, most unmistakably Fleetwood Mac-sounding song on the album. Nights In Estoril is the more "modern" Christine sound, which is probably my favorite. All Over Again is the one that makes me sad, catchy and clever though it might be.

Hollywood and Sooner or Later are painfully unnecessarily long, both by well over a minute. The tedium can be a little too much to handle. Like, on Hollywood, why bother taking up album space with a guitar solo when the guitarist isn't in the band? As for Sooner or Later, the intro was about twice as long as it needed to be, the break between the second and third verses goes absolutely nowhere, and the fade out could have started about a minute and a half earlier.

Overall, she was in fine voice, although I agree about the generic keyboards, and I think the guitars sound pretty generic, too (except on I Do).

In the context of the album, I still prefer the Bekka & Billy songs. They have the energy and spark of a real band. The Dave Mason songs don't do a lot for me as a fan of Fleetwood Mac or as a fan of his. I'd rather have had the remake of "The Bigger the Love" and a Billy-Christine duet, which would have tied it all together.
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