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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
However, there was zero chance DDIO wasnít getting played. Part of the reason they brought on Neil and Mike is because they have legendary careers and have made legendary music. DDIO is Neil Finnís biggest hit, and itís one of the most recognizable hits of the Ď80s. They wouldnít have gone to the trouble of getting him if he didnít have anything to bring to the table in terms of publicity.
Isn't DDIO a calling card for Neil though? That's Mick's language: calling card
To me it's like if they asked Marky Mark to join FM, there would've been zero chance "Good Vibrations" wouldn't have been played.

So part of the reason they brought on Neil and Mike was to play music that Neil and Mike made outside of FM and not to make a new FM song or songs to play live?
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