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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
I inferred from Mick's 2017 interview where he mentioned talking to Stevie about the set for the next tour that they were going to explore doing songs that they (Rumours 5) hadn't done in a while, and by that I thought Stevie was speaking on selecting her songs. Stevie in an interview around that time spoke about insisting on doing different things for the next tour and spoke about going through each of the albums and searching for stuff to do.

But I don't think she really showed for it on the 18/19 tour. No Straight Back, Angel, Sara, Welcome to the Room, or Everybody Finds Out. Say You Will was on the 50 Don't Stop package too and that wasn't touched. But heck Gypsy and Storms, a 2009 staple, were done!
Funny how we inferred different things from that interview. Based on what I inferred, Stevie absolutely delivered. She sang “Black Magic Woman” and turned “All Over Again” into a duet.

I think the pre-FMFM focus was done for fun but also to help replace Lindsey songs too. I remember hearing Neil on the Sirius Channel in May 2018 saying how much of a big responsibility it was to him to sing Lindsey's songs. Too bad they only did Blue Letter once, and/or didn't try Oh Diane, Can't Go Back or Mystified.

I actually think Can't Go Back and Family Man would've been good for Neil, instead of Crowded House and Split Enz stuff in the set.
Neil can definitely sing pop with the best of them.

However, there was zero chance DDIO wasn’t getting played. Part of the reason they brought on Neil and Mike is because they have legendary careers and have made legendary music. DDIO is Neil Finn’s biggest hit, and it’s one of the most recognizable hits of the ‘80s. They wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of getting him if he didn’t have anything to bring to the table in terms of publicity.
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