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I posted a long reply with a quote from Neil Slaven

“Mike and I were school friends. We’d formed a blues society at school, and in 1966 we had formed a label together, called Blue Horizon, which was mail-order to start with. We did singles at first, and then albums. If you did a hundred or fewer copies you didn’t pay tax. The next thing was that we started the Blue Horizon Club in Battersea.

Mike was already thinking about leaving Decca, and Peter had been doing slide acoustic gigs for us at the club. I remember him saying: “For two pins I’d give all this up and start a pet shop.”’ There was always this other side to him that was detached, as if he was watching himself going into it.”

This was before Fleetwood Mac.

The full article is a great read.

I also pointed out that Jeremy only lasted nine more months and that Danny’s fate was even sadder than Peter’s. Those guys were geniuses, but absolutely not cut out for something at that level.

In any case, he deleted the comment.
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