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Default Do you sort your media? (CDs/DVDs/Etc.)

If so how? I sort my CDs and movies alphabetically. When it comes to CDs, I sort by last name. In other words, my Lindsey Buckingham CDs are the "B's". I'm a bit OCD with how I sort them so when it comes to when an artist shares his or her name with a band, I go with the artist's solo work then their work in that band. For example, Mick Fleetwood's The Visitor is ahead of all of my Fleetwood Mac albums. HOWEVER, my CDs from Mick Fleetwood's Zoo and The Mick Fleetwood Band are listed under "M". Of course The Zoo album from 1992 is listed under "Z". I did the same thing with the John McVie's "Gotta Band" album where it's under "J". If John were listed as the sole artist for the album then it otherwise would have been listed in "M" after Christine's two albums of course.

Anyway, I'm curious if anyone is as weird when it comes to sorting things as I am or if I'm the only one.
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