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Originally Posted by BlueLantern View Post
Stevie, it couldn't be clearer to me, wants to spend her remaining performing years being Capital-S Stevie doing her solo thing, and doing it entirely on her terms.
I really do agree with you here, BlueLantern.

She didn't seem to enjoy the band's lame 2018 tour and new lineup that much, even though she's the one who set that particular outcome in motion.
She was Queen Bee on that tour, surrounded by love and fawning respect. Which makes me wonder just where her classic performances are from that tour. Did she galvanize us with anything? Her solo tour with Chrissie Hynde was filled with all sorts of memorable moments, but where are those memorable moments from Stevie on this last Mac tour? You must be right: she wasn’t ecstatic about touring with Mac, with or without her arch enemy.
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