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Is it actually a Fleetwood Mac album at all?

I guess the best description is that it is an album that contains some Fleetwood Mac tracks. Whether they all are is something of an angels on a pinhead argument.

Some are indisputably FM tracks- Watch out is just Peter,Danny,John and Mick,for example. Others are FM tracks with guest backing musicians, like Christine on Mr Wonderful- for example Last Night which has Peter, Danny, John, Mick and Shakey Horton on harmonica and Homework, which has Otis Spann on piano backing the same four FM guys. So yes, they are Mac tracks

Other tracks are more problematic- for example, Hungry Country Girl is Otis Spann with Peter, Danny, John, Mick backing him. Is that really Fleetwood Mac or Otis with a backing band? The latter, I think.

Then there's the fine World's in a Tangle which has Danny, Peter, John, Otis on piano and SP Leary on drums rather than Mick. Is that technically Fleetwood Mac?

Does it matter much?

The CD version of the album I have has "VARIOUS ARTISTS BLUES JAM IN CHICAGO" on the disk and BLUES JAM IN CHICAGO on the cover, then listing the participants, with Fleetwood Mac first. I am aware that there are different covers out there.

So, I'm being pedantic as ever, but that, m'lud, is the evidence for the prosecution...
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