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Originally Posted by paleshadow View Post
The Fog is amazing. It's a perfect "ghost" story. I can watch it and be scared, but not have to cover my eyes because I don't like gore. HIII is also a favorite. People give it crap because there is no Michael Myers, but if it was just called Season of the Witch, I bet they would like it.
You may know this but John Carpenter was forced to add some gore to the Fog. It was a ghost story where the fog killed people. During the initial screening the audiences were not that thrilled. So they edited in the slayings from the ghost sailors with the hooks. John is very creative and he never wanted to continue the Michael Myers story. He wanted to create a series of Halloween movies that had different plots thus Season of the Witch. The movie was not popular and when Michael Myers returned the following year it was impossible to pass up when audiences craved. So I admire his creativity and devotion wanting to do different things.
Btw, I love the music of the Fog.
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