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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
I think the only way Mick would make an album or new songs with Lindsey would be if Fleetwood Mac called it quits; Stevie wouldn't want Mick being in a band with Lindsey while she's in a band with Mick.

Perhaps, next year if Stevie's doing a solo tour, Mick could join Lindsey's European Tour as a guest (not an opening act) and sit in on some songs...
Which is exactly what Mick did on Stevie’s 1986 tour. He probably doesn’t remember because of booze and drugs. But then Stevie probably doesn’t remember that, either.

That same year in Long Beach, where both Stevie and Lindsey were performing separately, Mick joined Stevie onstage for her set but — this is wild — had nothing to do with Lindsey’s set (even though Lindsey played “I’m So Afraid”). It was fu©king weird.
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