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Originally Posted by Stevieforever View Post
It's absolutely her! But l too have always been puzzled by when it was recorded. To me, it sounds like it was recorded at the exact same time as "As Long as You Follow." Listen to the last minute or so of both songs and you can hear Stevie singing exactly the same way on both. Is it possibly that like with Stevie's two songs she did for "Greatest Hits," with "Paper Doll" being held over for the box set, that Christine did two as well and "Heart of Stone" was a hold over from 1988 also? Any thoughts?
But Rick Vito doesn't appear to be on HoS, per Billy's account... and "Heart of Stone" & "Love Shines" were both produced by Patrick Leonard after Vito left,unlike the 1988 stuff ("No Questions asked" "Paper Doll" and "As long as you follow" ) which were produced by Greg Ladanyi.

Stevie may have just done some overdubs after Chris, Billy, John & Mick recorded "Heart of Stone" as a favour after she had formally left.
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