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Originally Posted by sue View Post
Here, here....well said.....could NOT believe the exit poll.
So much so I had to stay up till 3am.
The trouble is, as you say, arrogant May I think she'll plough on with her
bloody hard brexit regardless.
Unless she is pushed during the summer recess.
I'm not really not sure what will happen with Brexit now, but something has to happen, and for some reason I feel much more positive about it today.

Yes the exit poll made it a very exciting night. I'd planned to watch an hour or 2, but I also turned the TV off at 3am. Then found I couldn't sleep and wanted to know what was happening, so got up again and watched until 5am.

I'm not really sure how Theresa May can now stay on as PM in the long term, but maybe she will. I'm just glad she's not in an even more powerful position, and that Labour now have a big increase in MPs. Personally I just feel it's important for Brexit that there is more of a shared power between the parties (although I realise many others would disagree with me)​

And I just have to mention again - Jeremy Corbyn!! What a star that man is
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