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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
I have no idea why anyone would want an item that was signed to someone else. If Christine had signed that napkin directly to me, then it would be priceless, because it would be a memento of an experience. Just having her signature when it wasn't signed to me .... why is that even interesting?

I guess I just don't have the "collector" mindset.
It was not signed to someone else that included their name. It was simply Christine's signature on the napkin. I would not be interested in someone else's personal note.
IMHO, its cooler than having a Rumours album cover with her signature. The albums are just stacked high to sign or thrown in front of them. A napkin is priceless in my book because its inventive and showed she took time for someone while having dinner and drinks. Someone came across her spontaneously, came with nothing and she was cool about it.

I will never forget that youtube video of when it was leaked Christine would be re-joining the band. It was before her first stage appearance in Ireland and she was at a hotel. Someone threw the album Rock A Little in front of her face. She still signed it though. That pissed me off and was disrespectful to Christine. She never worked on that album and why would you want Christine's signature on it. If you really want to impress her, bring her solo album!
Christine on Stevie 1984: "10 years ago she really had her feet on the ground but she seems to have developed her own fantasy world, somehow, which Iím not part of. We donít socialize much."

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