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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Of course Neil started off singing. I hope I did not imply that. You are smarter than this. Why did Stevie sing Black Magic Woman instead of one of the new guys?
The answer is the same reason Stevie came out to sing Don't Dream Its Over.
I reread your post and I guess I don't get what you were saying. I took your post literally, which was that people would have gone to the bathroom during DDIO, except that since Stevie was singing on it, so they didnít. In this case, Stevie was completely off the stage when Neil started singing, and came on in the middle of the song. You make it sound like thatís typical, or that the audience knew she was going to come out and start singing. I knew, because I read reviews here, but the friends I went with had no clue, because they didnít look up reviews or the song list. I would say most folks there had no idea when the song began that Stevie was going to join Neil, and they were genuinely surprised. Honestly, besides all that, DDIO got a huge response, especially when the music started and people recognized it.

Also, as you pointed out yourself, Storms was dropped because of the lackluster audience response, and Stevie sang that song. So people probably went to the bathroom then as well. Yet people responded enthusiastically to Black Magic Woman, which Stevie sang. You make it a point to say thatís why Stevie sang it and not one of the new guys- but if the audience didnít respond well to Storms, that shows none of the band members were immune to the Ďbathroom break syndromeí as I call it lol. Isnít It Midnight also got a tepid response when I saw them, which was insane because the band sounded great and it was a really uptempo song. Storms and Hypnotized, 2 of my favorite FM songs that I would have loved to have seen performed, were maybe too slow for the crowd, I don't know. My point is, there wasnít a mass exodus for the bathroom whenever Neil took the lead... it really just depended on the song rather than who was singing it. At least that was my experience when I saw them live.
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