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It was the PERFECT opener. The giant masks on the stage went up and slowly revealed the band. The song features 3 of the singers and its got everyone interested since its the opening number and then it goes into the Chain.
It also set the moment that its a new band with new members.
Back in 1990 there was no internet so when you went to a concert you had no idea of the setlist. This song was one of my favorites from the album and I was floored and excited they opened the show it.

The opening number gets everyone's attention. I have always believed a lesser known song should be the opener for that reason. Too many bands rely on their standard opener or hit for the first song. Fleetwood Mac is not known for change so this change was pretty cool IMHO.

During this last tour, the band was rehearsing old Mac songs. I firmly believed the band should have come out and opened with the Green Manalishi and blew everyone out of their seat. That would have been so freaking cool. They could have played it like Judas Priest too. But we got the Chain (again) without Lindsey
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