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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Behind the Mask was the original opener but after the album was finished the band felt the music was too dark. Christine usually writes lovey and peppy songs and the album opener Behind the Mask was dark then followed by in the Back of My Mind, etc. That forced Christine to write a very quick peppy song Skies the Limit and they slapped it first track on side one. It was an attempt to change the mood of the album by having a classic McVie peppy love song open the album.

IMHO In the Back of My Mind is fine at track 3 because its so unconventional. When I first played the album, I was like WTF is this? But of course it was so interesting and different and its one of the better songs on the album IMHO>

BTW, I also vote side 1 Its the full monty of Fleetwood Mac
I recall Chris quickly wrote Skies the Limit as they felt they needed something a bit lighter. I didn't know Behind The Mask had already been slated as the opening track though. By the way, I do like In The Back of My Mind. For me its probably the best song on the album. I personally just don't get putting that ridiculous intro right in the middle of side just stops the flow of the album.

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