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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
Is the Hall truly representative of the diversity & talent of music? I think KISS posed that for contemplation.
Why is Cyndi Lauper not in? Why is Melissa not in? Why are Jon Landau & Irving Azoff being inducted over Diana Ross, Cher, & Tina Turner as individual solo artists?

The interesting thing about the music they played before Stevie's induction by Harry was that they played Rhiannon twice during the video package and Crying in the Night; I thought she was inducted for contributions separate from her Fleetwood Mac role. Rhiannon closed the video intro out too; it wasn't just a passing clip, it was a focus. It led me to wonder if the Hall took this seriously. Do they even know Rhiannon and Crying in the Night are songs from groups called Buckingham Nicks & Fleetwood Mac
I have always had a mixed oppinion on her induction as a solo act. Her 80's albums were successful ( though each one after Bella Donna sold less copies then the previous LP) but her last "hit" was in 1989. Nothing she put out from 94- now had the amount of success her 80's LP's did. I feel like the FM brand has really helped her solo career even when the albums didn't sell (Exception being maybe the Street Angel Tour).

To me the RRHOF is a joke because their rationale behind who gets inducted and who doesn't and the x members of certain bands that are excluded are questionable. ( Why the hell is Bill Champlain and Jason Scheff not in as members of Chicago? They had hits with them in the 80's and had long tenures in the band)

I can't help but feel like her induction was a calculated move by Irving as like a big F- U to Lindsey and a way to justify his firing by proving she is the bigger star then him. Cyndi, Tina and Pat have either sold more albums, won Grammy's sold more concert tickets are icons in the gay comunity and have done numerous things to helo the LGBTQ community etc. WTH is the criteria to get in if those stats alone don't seem to be enough.

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