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Originally Posted by Nicks Fan View Post
Just curious which shows sold out? I only know of the LA and NYC shows. I stll think though that the tour was successful becuase of the opener. The reason I say this is becuase why in 2011-2012 did she book small venues like Seneca Falls Casnio, Fox Theater in Detroit etc. She had a top 10 album lots of Tv appearances etc yet the most of her arena shows were opening for Rod.

I think if she booked a new solo tour with nothing to promote and no big well known opener she wouldn't be playing 20,000 seat arena's. Since I have been a fan ( 2001- now) her tours solo have been in ampitheaters mainly with some exceptions .
This. When I first saw Stevie in 2011, she was playing sheds and amphitheaters for two summers in a row, along with opening for Rod in arenas. She played the Beacon in NYC in 2012 which is the same venue BuckVie played in the summer of 2017. Also, if you look at pop culture Stevie is not some ever popular icon like Mick Jagger, her career has had many highs and lows. Also, FM absolutely helps her solo career, as imo the OWTS tour being hugely successful translated then into the success of the 24K tour. Also, the popularity of Stevie from AHS helped A LOT, she was so trendy from like 2014-2019. But The Pretenders definitely had something to do with the success as well. She played some arena shows on the 24K tour in the summer of 2017 with Vanessa as an opener and they were smaller arenas that had some sections blocked off, definitely not as successful as the shows with the Pretenders. Also, at the NYC 24K tour there sure were a lot of Pretenders fans in the audience? Just saying...I think Stevie's popularity depends on how visible she is in pop culture more than just her name alone.
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