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Default Asian Bootleg

This collection of songs “leaked out” (if I recall, by someone on this forum) as “lossless FLAC” files (so great sound quality). A rundown from Wikipedia(along with the CD that contained the official release of each song - two Stones covers have not (yet) been released):

Bootleg track listing[edit]
"Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind" (released on Under the Skin)
"Miranda" (released with additional overdubs on Fleetwood Mac's Say You Will)
"Steal Your Heart Away" (released with additional overdubs on Say You Will)
"Red Rover" (released on Say You Will)
"She Smiled Sweetly" (Rolling Stones cover) (alternate recording released on Seeds We Sow)
"Come" (released on Say You Will)
"Down on Rodeo" (released on Under the Skin)
"Gotta Get Away" (Rolling Stones cover)
"Try for the Sun" (released on Under the Skin as "To Try for the Sun")
"Shuffle Riff" (released as "Wait for You" on official release)
"Murrow" (released on Say You Will as "Murrow Turning Over in His Grave")
"Gift of Screws" (released on official release)
"Bleed to Love Her" (live version released on The Dance, studio version released on Say You Will)
"Twist of Fate" (released as "The Right Place to Fade" on official release)
"Go Insane" (live version recorded for The Dance, released on The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac)
"Say Goodbye" (released on Say You Will)
"The Singer Not the Song" (Rolling Stones Cover)
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