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Default Berlin, Werchter, Pinkpop reviews

have to say, with common sense of many of these European reviews, becomes even more obvious how bizarre the whole whitewashing of Lindsey has been for the last year.

all these are via google translate so the text is a bit off and definitely doesn't flow very normal, but you can get the gist.

Berlin newspaper Culture and media music

Fleetwood Mac in the Waldbühne: Children of Olympus

MF_20131203_04 Frank Junghänel
07.06.19, 18:33 clock

Fleetwood Mac on Thursday in Berlin.

Photo: POP-EYE / Peng

The Fleetwood Mac show on the Waldbühne was opened with a special effect that you would not have liked. "Thunder only happens when it's raining" Stevie Nicks sings in "Dreams". Donnerregen formed the meteorological supporting program for the performance of the - here fits the superlative once - legendary band, which on Thursday (!) In Berlin has given the first of only three European concerts.

The rain radar was all around the most visited page in the net, has helped the fear nothing. And it got pretty cool too. Outdoor concerts in such weather are crap to say it with Franz Müntefering. Under the hood, the music sounds like tent walls, so down with it.

40 million plates sold
The evening starts at eight with the drumbeats of Mick Fleetwood, founding member and since 1967. At that time bassist John McVie also joined in and for half a century, the two older gentlemen, who now look like twins with their gray beards, form the musical backbone of this band, their evolution from pure English blues to flamboyant global pop probably the most spectacular transformations the rock story ever presents.

Let's start with "The Chain", a hit from the over album "Rumors", which started the madness in 1977. Forty million plates sold. There are practically only hits on this evening, that was the purpose of Fleetwood Mac for a decade, the production of hits. In "Little Lies" Christine McVie sings the first voice, formerly married to the bass man. It takes a bit before the groove fits. But that's comforting, if with such a band, the automatisms do not work from the beginning.

Fleetwood Mac was never complete
With "Second Hand News" a neuralgic point is soon reached. The part of style-defining instrumentalist and songwriter Lindsey Buckingham takes over Neil Finn from the New Zealand band Crowded House. He joined Fleetwood Mac just over a year ago with Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers when Buckingham was fired. Now they share his role, with Campbell getting off as an all-powerful guitarist.

It gives the sound a slightly rougher note and lays out an overall casual appearance. Finn, on the other hand, seems over-motivated the whole time and of course can not reach the high pitch of his predecessor. But eventually you get used to it. True enough, Fleetwood Macs have never been so good. Everybody was always offended for some reason.

The missing Lindsey Buckingham
Often affairs were behind it. In 50 years of Fleetwood Mac, there were as many amorous complications as in a hundred episodes of Forbidden Love. The name of the disgraced Lindsey Buckingham, to whom they owe quite a few hits, is not even mentioned. The songs of the essentially written by him album "Tusk" are missing in the program. He was retouched from the picture as in Stalin's time.

But his recent banishment provides the stuff for a complete soap opera. When the smart American in the seventies, together with his equally beautiful and talented friend Stevie Nicks, joined the English blues band as a musical duo, the rise of Fleetwood Mac and, on the other hand, the end of all relationships began.

Operation on the broken heart
The panel "Rumors" is considered a document of these private dislocations, "You can go your own way", you can stay where you want. It's like in Marcel Carné's film "Children of Olympus", where a woman at the Paris Theater brings four men out of their minds. At Fleetwood Mac, the Stevie got nicks and that's not changed much. Except that the children are now over seventy. Stevie Nicks did not want to be on stage with Lindsey Buckingham, who allegedly grinned disrespectfully when she made a speech at a charity event.

Buckingham was not allowed on tour, it broke his heart, as you can tell, as he had to be operated on shortly after open heart. Recently there was a video on which he plays the guitar publicly for the first time since. He accompanies his daughter singing "Landslide" at her prom - a song by Stevie Nicks.

A magical black woman
At the Berliner Konzert this song is one of the highlights, precisely because it is out of the ordinary in its simplicity. And at the latest here shows that Stevie Nicks has lost nothing of their always somewhat capricious presence. For the white female pop music of a whole generation, she was a role model, she remained a solid performer. This is shown in a special way in "Black Magic Woman", a piece by the band's founder Peter Green, who in turn has been misled by Fleetwood Mac for quite different reasons. He had exaggerated the drugs. Most recently, he was sometimes heard as a soloist at Bluessessions.

For "Black Magic Woman", Fleetwood Mac does not sound like a hit machine for the first time this evening, but like a rock band, much to thank Mike Campbell and Stevie Nicks in their black caftan and all those shawls, Lacing and cords themselves appear like a magical black woman.

Once again a time comes to an end
In the middle section, of all things, when the rain gets stronger, the concert actually threatens to run down. No one needs a drum solo by Mick Fleetwood, especially not when it comes along with bizarre audience animation. And Neil Finn's personal hit "Down Dream It's Over" seems out of place, even though it's a beautiful song.

Much more coherent is the addition to "Free Fallin '" the memory of the late Tom Petty, to which Stevie Nicks has had an intimate artistic relationship since her early years. Finally, when the stage darkens for a few seconds and a very nice portrait of Tom Petty appears on the video wall, this is probably the most moving moment of the evening. Also with the concert of Fleetwood Mac in the Waldbühne a time came to an end which has long been over.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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