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Default Re: Interpretation: COME

Hi all,

Well, I'm going to take Lindsey's word for it when he says it's about Anne Heche. All of the lyrics really sound, to me, just like a purging of feelings that someone might have about the person he has had a break up with, especially if they are in a relationship with another person. Basically it is "oh well, you could have it great if you were still with me...just think about that when you're with them...blahblahblah." If we do take Lindsey's word that the song is about Anne Heche, then I would say that you could read even MORE bitterness into those words, seeing as she was in a lesbian relationship for quite awhile; Lindsey could have been saying, in essence, that she would not be able to be satisfied sexually or otherwise by a woman. Who knows?

If we continue with the line of thinking that the song is indeed about Ms. Heche, I think maybe we can get a bit of insight into this verse that people are having trouble deciphering the underlying meaning of:

I said I was going to put God away ... she's been here a while.
Living in the guest room ... I guess she goes in style.
I said I was going to put God away, but I just can't let her go...
Can you feel the fever?

Here is a quote from an article/interview I found on Rolling Stone's website:
"Heche said she had been "insane" when she fell in and out of love with Ellen DeGeneres and, as recently as last year, Heche believed she was God in what turned out to be a prelude to a psychotic breakdown. "

I'm thinking that he is tongue-in-cheekingly referring to Anne as "God" since that is what she insanely thought of herself as for awhile. Maybe when he says he was "going to put God away" etc, he means he was working on trying to forget her, get rid of memories of her since she had gone, but it was proving difficult to do so. The difficulty could have been exacerbated by the fact that she had become so high profile in Hollywood due to her relationship with Ellen, and therefore everywhere he turned there were reminders of her, with pictures, movies she was in, news articles, tv appearances, etc.

In case anyone's interested, I'm going to either post or link to the rest of the RS article under the Miranda interp thread, because having read the article, I'm convinced that Miranda could very well be about Anne Heche too.


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