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Very cool
I know its just for fun but during the vinyl days and before digital, they stuck to only 10 songs.....5 per side which makes this challenge even more complicated.

I agree Tusk may have been a bigger success not being a double album but that was the point of show a creative side without being so corporate. The 2 out of the 3 songs that charted from Tusk were anything but radio friendly pop songs.

As much as I like Tusk, Tusk had an overall negative effect on the band. The band was NEVER the same again. After the negative press of Tusk, the band was always chasing commercial success which was what Tusk was not about. After Tusk came Mirage, a light pop album purposely created to make music box radio friendly songs. Then Tango, the synth prop album that was anything but daring. It makes you wonder if Tusk actually was similar to the white album and Rumours, what would have happened to the band post Tusk. Like I said, as much as I like and appreciate Tusk, I am not so much saying it was worth it to get the bubble gum, light pop albums which what Tusk was supposed to not be about. Its irony but the quirky Tusk turned the band into the band Lindsey never wanted them to be. That NEVER gets discussed which is why I need my own column at Rolling Stone
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