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This album just might be my second favorite Mac album in general. I know thatís an extremely unpopular opinion, but it doesnít bother me. Even after the ďgeniusĒ Lindsey had left, you have to admire the bandís effort as a whole to keep going and doing something slightly different while still holding onto their sound AND at the same time navigating the new sound of the late 80s and early 90s. They even managed to tap into their older blues sound, while still sounding pop/rock. Like I said in the other thread for When It Comes To Love, Love Is Dangerous is funky blues-rock, In The Back Of My Mind is experimental and trippy and shows off the whole group very well. Save Me and Skies The Limit are classic Christine and were commercial as heck. Itís a mystery why these singles didnít get more attention. But I suspect itís because of the changing musical trends, the fact everyone knew Lindsey was gone, and the publicís view towards the band as being ďoldĒ. All members (except Billy) were over 40 years old by this point and letís face it, ageism is unfortunately a thing within the music industry and a factor in radio reception. Nonetheless, I personally love the majority of the songs, and even some of the songs that didnít make the final cut (especially Got No Home and Paper Doll).
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