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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
Does it really matter? It’s semantics, which this board painfully pisses over.
No, it really doesn’t matter, especially four or five years down the line.

Personally, I am willing to think that Mick reached out to Campbell on his own initiative without Stevie specifically prompting either of them. But I think that the reason Mick did reach out to Campbell was specifically to warm the cockles of Stevie’s heart. Mick knew he had a bad situation (with “psychic jiu-jitsu”) with his superstar draw, so he did it to please her — whether or not she requested it. He probably figured, what better way to fill her with the positive spirit for a drastic lineup change than to bring in an old pal who liked her. Whether or not Mick knew Campbell is irrelevant; he knew that Stevie knew Campbell, and so this was his idea to support Stevie first and foremost, not to launch the band in some lovely new direction.
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