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i'd read about these recordings in rich's blog.

what is striking is the astounding quality of the tapes, so i guess they must be taken from the soundboard. what's disappointing on the other hand is that it's all just snippets of a few minutes in length, mostly faded in and out (which is what i HATE when done to live recordings). this makes me wonder, whether this is all there is or if these uploads might be only teasers for the full-length release? we'll see.

apart from that it was clearly my own fault, to have had higher expectations for the musical aspects of these tracks - i had hoped for a less free-form, more tune-structured kind of music. anyway - a welcome and hitherto unexpected addition to greeny's legacy.

p.s. personally i would've preferred to find this thread in the "peter green" section of this board, as it's got nothing to do with the mac.

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