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Default Peter Green

So very sad.....listened today to 'The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac '2002 and- not for the first time- was struck by the almost mystical guitar 'thread' that resonates through the collection, even though they are from very different incarnations and styles of music.
The last time I saw Peter in concert was that same year, 2002 on the double bill with John Mayall. I still have mixed feelings about the whole Splinter Group/ Nigel Watson thing: while it was great to see Peter on stage, he was actually playing very little and subsequent reports/events have certainly called into question Watson's motives.
I happened to be staying in the same hotel as both bands, and we all checked out together the next morning.It was some time before they were leaving and my abiding memory as we left ,was seeing the solitary figure of Peter strolling up the street in front of us:thankfully, nobody bothered him - I'm sure he was not even recognized- as he strolled and took in the sights around him. He was almost like a child, with no worries or pressures. Yes, there was something sad about it as well.....but the main thing was that he appeared to be content,and, by all accounts , his final years brought him some of the peace of mind that he so richly deserved.
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