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Originally Posted by button-lip View Post
They know Lindsey did absolutely nothing to deserve her cold behavior
I don't like how Lindsey was treated and would never support this new "Fleetwood Mac" but this is BS. Lindsey has done plenty to deserve her cold behavior.

I've seen the MusicCares video and he mocked her while she was speaking, going as far to make the jerking off motion. It's clear as day. Enough to be booted from the band? No, but childish and disrespectful.

Before I'm labeled as a Stevie cultist, I think she has done plenty herself and she is no innocent victim. I'm one of the people in the grey area.

I do laugh when people call Stevie fans cultists when so many Lindsey fans here continue to spend countless hours posting the same pro-Lindsey, anti-Stevie arguments in every thread, coming into Stevie threads and hijacking them to talk about Lindsey. Trying to buddy up to Lindsey's wife on Twitter. It's creepy. And it completely destroyed what was once a great discussion board.
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