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To me the most interesting thing to witness out of all of the 2018/2019 drama was:

1. Almost instant, blind vilification of Lindsey by a huge chunk of folks who acted as if they were just waiting to have a reason to finally be happy he is out of the band, why that is I don’t really understand.

2. The amplification of all things related to Lindsey’s behavior and events 40 years ago while at the same time ignoring John McVies abusive alcoholism as well as the collective drug and party culture that affected every member of the band. Ken C’s recent remarks about Lindsey having the audacity to work on tusk tracks at home, but failing to mention how Stevie worked on Sara with Tom M. In an all together separate session. The shear amount of double standards and attempts to revise history is pretty shocking by fans and band members.

3. Magically, overnight there were legions of fans who were predominantly fans because of the ‘75 lineup, magically had an affection for every incarnation of the band and then used this as an excuse to feed into Micks “we’ve always had a revolving line up so this is business as usual” defense.

4. There was a time when fans could objectively look at the past knowing what we do know and come to the conclusion that NONE of them were saints on any level. Yet, with the events of 2018/2019 Some fans and folks like Ken C. have decided to paint this picture that everyone else was a saint to work with and it was always Lindsey being the difficult one.

5. Folks love to pour on the love for the Tango In The Night album, but turn a complete blind eye to the fact that big bad Lindsey had to work with Christine McVie to single handedly piece that entire album together with mick the drunk hanging out in a trailer in Lindsey’s driveway and Stevie being almost entirely absent due to her own addiction struggles. But let’s talk about Lindsey backing out of the tour because that’s low hanging fruit and ignore the premise that there wouldn’t of been any tour at all without the darn album. Again, the cherry picking is pretty staggering in this new era to portray Lindsey.

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