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I find it difficult to explain a like or dislike for Time given the course of events, circumstances and personnel changes in Fleetwood Mac after Behind the Mask. Although there are great musicians that offered some good songs, I think the time period would have been better suited for solo or side projects.

Zoo; Shakin' the Cage: I do not mind, and actually like, a harder rocking sound after Behind the Mask. I liked the direction this band was going. Another LP would have established the band. The diamond in the rough here is Brett Tuggle, who has handled keyboards, bass, guitar and vocals well for Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey and Stevie.

Christine: I have been aware of rumors Christine may have recorded a solo LP in the 1990s. It would have been similar to In the Meantime with Mick, John and Billy contributing along with George Hawkins and Steve Ferrone. Mentioning Brett, I wonder if he and Christine met during this time.
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