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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
Ooh. I can't get behind that. "Alone Together" is just a masterpiece. There are few albums I've ever heard that match the sheer beauty of its production, Fleetwood Mac or otherwise. I also love the record he made with Mama Cass and "Let It Flow".
I like the Time album for what it is -- a peculiar anomaly in a band with a very varied history. Dave Mason was the oddity member for the fact that he already had a long established career at a solo artist, so it seemed like he was just gigging with the band in his spare time.

Now please excuse my divergence:

I love that you mentioned another anomaly that is Dave Mason/Cass Elliot album! I'm huge fan of all things Cass Elliot, from her her folk days with The Big Three, The Mugwamps, and the Mamas & Papas, and her short-lived solo career. This rather obscure album is just amazing. Cass had many musical friends, including Dave. I love listening to it; my only beef is that Cass only has one solo vocal song on it. But but she can sing harmonies like no other; her indelible voice just shines through.

They performed a handful of shows together at the Fillmore, billed as Mason Cass. I have an original handbill from one of the shows. I wish there was more documentation from these rare performances. Their solo careers were their main priorities. This partnership was just a bizarre a one-off venture, but it's really good! Glad to hear of someone else who knows and likes the album. It was re-released a few years ago.
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