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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
But Then there are the things, that cast the doubt away. Those things that made me stay for so long.

I take my understanding of why Lindsey was fired from Stevie's interview with The 1975...
They weren't making new music anymore just doing concerts.

From that, I can see that she became The King or Queen because if they were a recording band, Lindsey is the Operations Manager. He was needed.

If they're just touring the oldies, why is Lindsey needed? They can have somebody else that she can turn her mic stand and sing harmony to.

She finally got to be in a band with a Heartbreaker (not creatively but a performing one) and she was able to become the frontperson of FM.

I saw 4 of the 2018-2019 shows. There's no question it was her show. Even when musicians were soloing, she was singing over them during Black Magic Woman.
And to Brad J.: Hey, Dummy--you don't have to kiss her *** anymore. I doubt she's going to have you clomping around on-stage with your walker. Now if we could only get the viewpoint/opinion of the treadmill...
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