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The thing I always found hypocritical was those in recent years who chided or made of Lindsey for playing theaters and or casinos on solo tours and opening uo for Tina Turner but Stevie has done the same thing. She has opened for Rod Stewart done co head lining tours with The Pretenders and Don Henley. She also has played casinos and theaters as late as the IYD tour. I don't think for a second that if she did another solo tour with zero opening act or Vanessa Carleton again that she would be playing and or selling out arenas.

Her last tour was successful but I think having the Pretenders along helped a great deal. It amounted to a tour similar to the ones being put on with bands like Def Leppard and Journey or Chicago and REO Speedwagon, Heart with Sheryl Crow and Elle Goulding or Steve Winwood and Santanna etc. You get two groups of fans buying tickets.

I think the reunion in 97 helped everyone. Lindsey made some new music finally and did tour even if it took a while before that happened. It just makes me mad that since 97 we have 1 new studio album from FM. Yet they have milked the past for over 10 years vs doing new music for the fans.
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