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Look, I understand why people's usernames can't just be changed. If somebody chose a Stevie/Mac song for their username, they have to live with it.

When I chose my username years ago, I had no idea about my birth parents or their family. I didn't until about two years ago, and when I met them, I finally felt at peace with almost everything in my world.

Having to go by "SteveMacD" is actually VERY insulting to me. I haven't seen another MacDougall since Grandmother MacDougall's funeral in 2004, and I don't think I'll see anybody in the near future. I've since adopted the last name of my birth father, and that's Hopkins.

I KNOW names can be changed on forums like this (I've seen it done many times), and I understand your concerns about people changing their names. However, I was some variant of Steve MacDougall (Smacdoug or SteveMacD) since 1995, because I wanted people to know they were talking to somebody real, not just another username. I've NEVER hid behind some miscellaneous name tied to the band EVER. HAVING to keep anything related to THAT name is highly insulting and offensive to me. There's a reason I went through the trouble (at about $500 expense) to change diplomas, driver's license, Social Security Card, birth certificates, etc., to change my name. Again, I understand the "you changed HIS name, why not mine?" argument, but mine is a very, VERY different and unique case. AND, I'm not asking for a new username that isn't based on my current name.
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