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Default Seeing Miranda from Lindsey's point of view

Lindsey is mocking and ironic about Miranda. How come?
I have considered Lindsey's point of view, and here is what I see.

Miranda thinks she is totally crazy and mortally unhappy. She thinks she is dying with all of her might.

But Lindsey, who has rather more experience of life, knows that Miranda is behaving like a teenage drama queen and is in no real danger. She sticks the camera right into her arm, not a needle: going through the motions of drug addiction, but not really addicted. She says "I'm dying" but what she means is "look at me!". She's not really crazy either, just neurotic and immature.

I guess (pure speculation) if Lindsey has lived with someone who has make numerous suicide threats and only a few half-hearted attempts, his sympathy would wear pretty thin.

So that may be how he sees her.
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