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Originally Posted by BigAl84 View Post
My prediction for a full reunion, which still makes me gag...would look like this:

10 nights at the garden
10 nights at the forum
Maybe a few nights somewhere else
And that’s it.

I hope that’s all Lindsey agrees to, if anything ever comes to fruition.
Originally Posted by BLY View Post
If there is any “ Reunion” it will be a one off. “The Dance 2.”.... .The 25 year reunion show.
yes, don't forget the film that would come of it a la The Dance and possibly a live stream event like is done for major sporting events etc where they charge you a buncha bucks to watch in real time, maybe with some behind-the-scenes 'prep for our final show' stuff (well, if a younger staff member can get them to do it, so likely not)
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