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Also think of a logical swap out for some of the weaker tracks, how about All the Beautiful Worlds, it would fit nicely in place of Fire Burning. Side two needed a rocker of the calibre of Long Way to Go, so MacFan's point about Whole Lotta Trouble's potential there. Love and War is also a decent song that I think is circulating in a complete form, and the real gem, how about ending TOSOTM with Blue Water? A song with so much potential laid waiting to spruce up a solo album or three.

Side one re-do:
Rooms on Fire
Long Way to Go
Ooh My Love
Two Kinds of Love
Escape from Berlin

Whole Lotta Trouble (With better production and a rocking vibe)
All the Beautiful Worlds
Alice (keep either/or Alice or Juliet, both are bit much)
Juliet (as above)
The Dealer/Love and War(if going with 6 songs on side two)
Escape from Berlin (over to you side one, for a killer run of great songs)
Blue Water
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