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So much negativity. I get it - I miss Lindsey too. But I went to the Baltimore show a) despite the negativity from some posts on here and b) a need for a mood boost from my favorite band. It sounds like Christine's voice and playing were weak during the European leg, but they were lovely in Baltimore. I think they had too many dates, and that would be the same even with Lindsey. If they had done something like two shows every other week, that would've been much more helpful to preserving Christine's performance skills as someone who is turning 76 in a couple weeks.

I do wonder if this awful breakup played a role on Lindsey's health - it probably did. I wish Stevie would come back down to Earth and realize that she wouldn't even have been in the band with Lindsey's refusal to join without her. Finn and Campbell have done very well in a situation they didn't create. Not wanting to play under the banner of one of the biggest bands ever would be a very strange choice.

It would be nice to see one more album from the Rumours 5 with no tour - a la Steely Dan - or even an album with the current six, with Lindsey featured on guitar and vocals (if possible).
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