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Default The End of Fleetwood I see it.

I was never sure how the “Dance” of Fleetwood Mac would end (death of a band member, changes in the lineup ?) When Stevie chose not to record with the rest of the band on the 2017 album which would have been the new music that they would have performed on this tour was an obvious sign.
Christine is done performing live period. Kicking Lindsey out of the band is un speakable. Going out with this new lineup without new music speaks volumes. (Look at the history of the band) I will always be one of their biggest fans...I love all the music and cherish the memories of the tours I have seen. (Including all the solo stuff) I never would have thought in 1977 that I would get new music from “ them” in 2017. I don’t like how this all ends but it doesn’t change the way I feel when I hear this music. I hope for Lindsey’s return to his craft. I would welcome new studio material from any of them. I do believe the live curtain is about to close for Fleetwood Mac.

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