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Default Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)

"Another Welch song, "Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)" was dropped at the last minute (but not before thousands of record sleeves and lyric inserts had been printed) in favor of a song suggested by Weston, the Yardbirds' "For Your Love", which was also released as a single. "Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)" was never released as a Fleetwood Mac track, but the song resurfaced (albiet in much-altered form) as "Don't Wait Too Long" for Welch's 1979 album Three Hearts .

Original versions of Mystery To Me were released with sleeves showing "Good Things" and the lyric inserts also include that song. Later editions correctly list "For Your Love", but the lyric inserts are deleted altogether." -

I find it strange that Good Things was never released as a FM track, even on something such as a box set. Has this song ever been "unofficially" released - i.e. a studio version floating around through fans? I certainly haven't seen it (or heard it) on a bootleg fan compilation - but what do I know?

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