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Thanks for the link to the video, Macfan4life- itís been years since Iíve seen the video to Save Me, and it was a great blast from the past. Iíd forgotten how much Christine had improved when it came to performing for the camera... she was really doing a great job in the close ups of selling the song. And she was beautiful, too. Iíd say she was even prettier than Stevie. Watching Rick play guitar was incredible, man he was so good! After Save Me, Skies the Limit came on and that was also an underrated song and video. Again, Christine looked stunning, and this time Stevie looked much better, and so good in white! Loved the scene with all 4 singers singing in profile- yes! Thatís what made FM so damn good, those voices in harmony.

Thanks again, Macfan!
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