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[This is from an app review. The guy told the app that he liked Rolling Stones and Alan Jackson and it created a Lindsey Buckingham playlist for him. Now, I wish he had told us what the songs on that playlist were]

Beats Music may cultivate or rejuvenate your love of recorded music.

And it could also press "Play" on a new wave of evolution in streaming music. The new service from Beats Electronics, the company best known for its Beats By Dr. Dre headphones, becomes available Jan. 21 ($10 monthly fee).

But I've had a chance to test-drive the still-in-beta testing mode service over the last few days a full-fledged review will come closer to launch and have to admit that I am smitten.

STORY: Beats Music banks on curation for streaming success

STORY: AT&T teams up for Beats Music family offering

Upon opening the app the first time, Beats Music asked for three favorite genres choices include Pop, Rock, Country, Hip-hop, Blues and three artists that you like or love Rolling Stones, Alan Jackson, fun, for example to provide some input for its music presentation algorithm.

Its resulting elegantly-designed entry screens on my IPhone 5s offered multiple opportunities for music discovery. Underneath the opening "Just For You" page. I find a Foo Fighters family tree playlist complete with text introduction and clickable albums such as General Public's All the Rage and Minus the Bear's Menos El Oso.

Scroll down a bit and you see a "Best of Lindsey Buckingham" playlist and a mix called "Sleek and Sexy Pre-Dinner Drinks with selections from Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Lorde.
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