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New interview with Neil here:
Finn is looking forward to more touring with Crowded House and is confident the new lineup will be a going concern. He's also open to whatever Fleetwood Mac might do in the future, though he's not holding his breath for that. "There were various murmurings and willingness to do something, but I could tell it was gonna be a hard job to get everyone in there together. I hear from Mick (Fleetwood) quite often; He does these little jams at home that he sends me. I think Mick's actually got more of a solo career potential than anyone could possibly guess. Otherwise for Fleetwood Mac I think it's really unknown. I think there was a great will for a few things to happen but if the pandemic can be cured or conquered in short time then it's possible but as time goes on it obviously gets harder as they get older."

Hard job to get everyone in there to make new music?

Few things?.. album and stadium concerts with Eagles?
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