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I was a big fan of Live when it came out in 1980 and had high expectations for it, along the lines of the Eagles live but unfortunately I think Tusk's initial cold reaction dampened enthusiasm and sales. The only quip I had was the version of Don't Stop, like why not an actual concert? As for the new set, so much to like. I love Stevie's growl on Angel and Sisters of the Moon, she had perfected it during the Tusk tour. I could listen to her sing like that for days. Sisters of the Moon is awesome and I really love the Cecelia lyrics at the end, her voice is among the best live voice I've ever heard from her. A big surprise is What Makes You Think You're the One- translates amazing to the stage- so surprised it never made single status and Lindsey's shining moment on this reissue. The keyboard driven Think About Me is also a great listen, to this day I'm shocked this song was not a monster hit, it's truly outstanding and as good or better than You Make Loving Fun. Brown Eyes and Hold Me showcase just how much Christine's voice was improving live, not that she was ever bad, but it was so much stronger. I'm going to enjoy this reissue for years to come, reminds me of why I was such a committed fan for so long and great memories from my teen years. Love it.

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