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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Iíve been waiting to read what folks think of it. Iíve only listened to the new cd once and I have to say I wasnít real impressed. The worst versions of Second Hand News, The Chain, and Think About Me Iíve ever heard, unfortunately.
Just curious: When you say those are the worst versions youíve ever heard, how many versions have you heard? Have you heard Second Hand News and The Chain live from 1982? Think About Me live from 1980? Do these particular nights stand out as bad to you? Or do you just not like the way the band did these songs on these tours?

Iíll go out on a not-very-long limb here and say that there really isnít much difference in performance in those songs from their respective tours. The Chain, for example, sounds nearly identical to the commercially released performance on the video and later on the Mirage deluxe set. They were recorded on successive nights in LA, after all. Second Hand News Los Angeles sounds like Oakland, which sounds like Memphis, which sounds like Detroit, which sounds like Minneapolis, which sounds like Austin, and on and on. There is no great variety in the performance quality of most songs on the short 1982 tour. Weíve heard most of them on audience and soundboard tapes, after all.

Think About Me was played live only for about a month in 1980. Have you heard other performances of it from that time (Hollywood Bowl, Mobile, Wichita, Atlanta), or is this the first time youíve heard the song done live from that year?
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