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Default Thoughts on the Fleetwood Mac Live reissue

Iíve been waiting to read what folks think of it. Iíve only listened to the new cd once and I have to say I wasnít real impressed. The worst versions of Second Hand News, The Chain, and Think About Me Iíve ever heard, unfortunately. I suppose theyíll grow on me. Brown Eyes is fantastic. Admittedly, there are few live versions to compare it to, but Christineís vocals are incredible here.

I havenít had a chance to listen to the remastered version of the original CDs but Iím sure the sound will be much better. Iím not going to complain about the price because thereís no point and besides, I didnít have to buy it. It was my decision to do so. I just canít help but be disappointed the Tusk documentary wasnít included as well. I mean, is the studio holding out for a dvd/blu ray package at some point, are the copyrights in some sort of legal limbo, or what? Iíd say theyíre being lazy but clearly a lot of thought and effort went into these rereleases, so I wish they would say why the Tusk documentary and Mirage concerts werenít also released on dvd/blu ray as well.

Anyway, what do other folks think of this reissue?
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